Lose weight, feel great, and look years younger!

“The Sugar Detox provided me with guidelines for sensible and healthy eating. I never once felt hungry on this diet. I lost over 6 pounds. It is so nice to be able to fit into clothes I have not worn since before I was pregnant with my daughter.”

Stacy, stay-at-home mom


“The Sugar Detox was what I needed to get back in the proper mind-set to be eating healthily and eating the right amount of food. After pregnancy and five months of breast- feeding, I had convinced myself that fruit juice was healthy and ice cream was a great way to get my daily calcium. So I needed a swift kick, and the Sugar Detox was it.”
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The Sugar Detox was on The Better Show


Brooke appeared on Dr. Oz on July 1st. Check out the video above and the Dr. Oz website to read more.Brooke appeared on Dr. Oz on July 1st. Check out the video above and the Dr. Oz website to read more.

Dr. Oz and Brooke review how sugar ages the skin and what you can do to break your sugar addiction! Watch the video above to see Brooke and Dr. Oz go through The Sugar Detox week by week and learn how to lose weight, feel great and look years younger!

Is That Candy Giving You Wrinkles?Is That Candy Giving You Wrinkles?

Don’t just blame the sun. Brooke Alpert, author of The Sugar Detox, tells Ali Wentworth about the link between sugar and aging skin. Plus: her plan to bust sugar cravings for good.




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